What Is the Truth?

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Add Dustin Hoffman to the list of the accused sexual harassers. President Donald Trump continues under fire from accusations. Russell Simmons has now been accused of two rapes. The list keeps growing. Most of the cases do not have criminal or legal complaints filed with them-they are women coming forward to tell their stories long after the fact. Hollywood is overrun with “Me Too’s” as woman after woman, and some men, come forward. Politics is also inundated with such stories. A Kentucky state representative committed suicide over allegations by a 17 year old. Several Congressmen have resigned. Does this latest round of moral consciousness signal a moral revival or is it a civil war?
From a political perspective, there really has been a steady stream of violators (can anyone say Bill Clinton?). The past is filled with them. The recent ones, showcased by the perversity of Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner, seemed to be just the tip of the iceberg. In Weiner’s case, however, there were charges filed and he went to jail. Since the inauguration of Trump, we have seen accusations of sexual misconduct skyrocket. It’s beyond women wearing pink vagina hats in the National Mall and has reached the level that no man could have imagined. One thing for certain: Hollywood and politics have been getting away with the power sex game for decades and it’s high time it is cleaned up.
Sadly, most of this is one person’s word against another’s because no legal complaints were filed and many accusations are several years old. It’s one thing for the sex-charged movie and television industry to have these complaints-after all, how do any of them distinguish between what they are doing on screen and what happens in real life? One seems to be an extension of the other, and neither are following any moral code. But the politics is another story. Its sordid business has to do with power and money-usually taxpayer money-enabling what appears in many cases to be a tax-funded orgy atmosphere. And this gets in the way of running the government effectively, or at all.
Even worse, the campaign manager for newly-elected Democratic Senator Doug Jones from Alabama is getting accolades for winning an impossible campaign. Unfortunately, he has figured out a way to weaponize sexual misconduct accusations and totally ruin an opponent’s life. This strategy will be employed repeatedly in the upcoming election cycles. When all else fails, sex will win the day. So are we seeing a moral revival or a political civil war? This is a war, no doubt. Satan is using the consequences of behavior in the hands of dubious minions to kill, steal and destroy. Jesus said in John 3:19, “And this is the condemnation, that light (Christ) is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.” Let us pray that evil is exposed and those of the Light will be protected.
Bill Wilson / The Daily Jot 
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