Eternal Destination Personal Choice

Eternal Destination Personal Choice

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Osama bin Laden’s son Hamza is trying to lead a new al Qaeda movement.  Why? He wants to overthrow Saudi Arabia’s monarchy.  Plus, he wants to establish what he calls true Sharia Law. PJ Media reports that Hamza wants to revive jihad. Then, he wants to redistribute the riches of the country to the poor. Furthermore, it is reported that he is inspired by Arab Spring. Presently, there are riots on the border of the terrorist state Gaza and Israel.  In addition, they believe the terrorist-inspired masses are trying to invade Israel.  Thus, they demand a “right of return.” Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called on Muslim countries to force Israel to “retreat toward the point of demise.” The seeds sown by the previous White House-supported Arab Spring in 2010. This continues to reap a deadly prophetic harvest.  What side you choose determines your eternal destination. 

The immediate past “president” created a game changing prophetic leap in the Middle East.  The past “president” not only supported but engineered Arab Spring. Christian and Jewish eschatology speak of the Day of the Lord.  The Bible plainly prophesies that Arab/Islamic nations attack Israel. Then, Israel is saved by the Messiah, the Christ, in an end time battle.  As a result, this ushers in the Millennial Reign of Christ. Many current events point to this eschatology.  Many national leaders are setting it up.  The previous White House of the Muslim Brotherhood in 2010 is a major prophetic and eschatological milestone. It has had tremendous consequences as current events play out.

President Obama catalyzed and helped The Muslim Brotherhood to advance.  For example, the previous White House helped to establish a worldwide Sharia-based caliphate. The previous “president” threw support behind the Muslim Brotherhood in Arab Spring.  As a result, the Islamists used a false democracy to take over Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and Yemen. In addition, there was strife in Syria, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. Either a direct or a collateral affect of advancing the Muslim Brotherhood plan occurred.  Furthermore, destabilization of the Middle East created an even more hostile environment for Israel.  For example, it energized  Islamic terror groups in Israel–Hamas, al Qaeda, Hezbollah and others. As a result, the Islamic State was birthed as well.  This effect continues today.

However, Islamic eschatology states its Mahdi returns to earth.  Islamic Mahdi establishes a seven-year worldwide rule of Islamic peace. For example, Islam believes that Jesus (Isa) is the Mahdi’s prophet.  In addition, they believe Jesus (Isa) leads Jews and Christians to Islam.  However, Jews and Christians believe Islam’s Jesus (Isa) is the Biblical antichrist. Indeed, Islam denies the deity of Christ. 2 John 7 says, “For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.”  Zechariah 12:9 speaks of the day of the Lord, “And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.” Therefore, America has played the eschatological catalyst with its Middle East policy. So, America’s final place in prophecy is yet to be determined.  Thankfully, the current President Trump is trying to reverse that disastrous course.  In conclusion, your eternal destination is based on your personal choice.  Where will you be spending your eternity? 

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